Beasley speaks at tourism south east conference

Yesterday I had the great pleasure of combining two of my great loves: my own voice, and wine.

I was speaking at the annual Tourism South East conference, held at Denbies Wine Estate, Surrey.
I was asked to speak to the delegates on the subject of whether the UK’s ageing population is the ‘next big thing’ for UK tourism. I argued – conclusively, I think – that there were indeed plenty of opportunities for tourism to benefit from the large, growing and diverse ageing population.

I was on last and there was something of a soporific atmosphere, due in part to poor air conditioning. So I decided to energise my presentation.

The result was akin to a stand-up comedian on speed and while I don’t know where the jokes came from, there were a lot of laughs. Rather too many, in fact.

Fortunately, the laughs were accompanied with an equal number of complimentary remarks. One delegate was kind enough to email me the next morning, saying:

“I enjoyed your presentation yesterday, which woke some of us 50 year olds up! You managed the delicate balance of information and humour really well and left us with some thinking to do about how we take advantage of the demographic changes you discussed, particularly in regard to communication and the changing nature of ‘the family’.”

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