Top ten mistakes when advertising to grown-ups

Bob Hoffman is the former CEO of a large agency in San Francisco. He writes a really amusing and insightful blog – The Ad Contrarian – and has published a great book as well. He recently set up an agency specialising in the 50+ market and wrote a great article to promote it. Here it is in its entirety – but I hope you will want to read more, by visiting the website and blog, and buying the book (just 77p on your kindle) – details below.

One of these days your phone is going to ring. Your boss is going to want to see you in his office. He will say, “What is the biggest opportunity for growth we are currently missing?”

You are going to mumble and fumble.

He’ll say, “It’s people over 50 you f***ing dimwit. They account for almost 50% of all consumer spending. They control 75% of the financial assets of the country. They account for 55% of all CPG purchases. They buy over 60% of all new cars. And we are not spending a f***ing dime to talk to them.”

Then you will give him all the pathetic excuses for being a calcified bozo that marketing people always come up with and he will fire your ass and have you escorted out of the building with all your crap in a cardboard box, and you will never work again.

Don’t let this happen to you!

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