Speaking engagements

It’s quite busy on the speaking engagements front at the moment.

On Friday, it was the Surrey Business School Business Breakfast.  As always, it turned out there were some ‘experts’ in the audience, which keeps you on your toes for question time.  And some interesting follow-up opportunities, too.

Next Tuesday (March 1st) there will 200 senior people from the financial services industry at the Royal College of Physicians, at the ‘Mindful of Investing in Retirement’ conference. The opening address is by Lord David Willetts (of ‘two brains’ fame), author of ‘The Pinch – how  the baby boomers stole your future’. I’m looking forward to hearing him and hope he is not around to ask me any questions!

And on Saturday 5th March, I will be at the Co-Operative Retail Conference, at Stratford Upon Avon.  Thinking of their Christmas TV commercial (hoodie unexpectedly buys goodies for older couple) they have clearly thought about the ageing population (and I’m guessing their shopper profile would confirm this).

I am of course available for more speaking engagements – my profile is here. Or email me. 

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