Does a single survey tell us anything? Even if it’s by JWT

Marketing magazine is currently promoting (or reporting) the findings of a survey carried out by JWT into marketing and people aged 50-69.

I have not read the report yet and am not holding my breath that I will be sent it.

However, I would like to make three comments. First, as we have come to expect from marketing journalists, the facts and figures are mangled in the interests of a good story. See my comments on the Marketing website link below) if you’re interested in the details. How can this important subject be discussed properly when this casual disregard for the basic facts is the norm?

Second, why does the article focus on the 50-69 age group, when all the social change and population growth is taking place in the over-65 age group? The first ‘baby boomers’ turn 70 next year. The story of marketing and 50-69 year olds is well-documented over the years, if not resolved.

Which is why I find it surprising that the planning director of JWT is quoted as saying that as a result of this survey we should now forget everything we thought we knew about this age group. A single online survey, Marie?

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The Marketing magazine article can be read here. 

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