Why copy is king for the over-50s.

A new copywriting service for businesses targeting older consumers has been announced by rhc advantage, the specialist mature (50+) marketing agency.

‘When it comes to older people, copy is definitely king.  This new service will enable businesses, marketers and agencies to benefit from more empathetic and effective copywriting, produced by experts in this important audience”, said Mark Beasley of rhc advantage.

The UK population continues to age. In fact, there are now more than 23 million people aged over 50 in the UK. The number of people over 65 will double in the next 20 years.

“This group of consumers is too large and economically powerful to be ignored, too complex to be stereotyped and too diverse to be second-guessed. Yet that’s exactly what many businesses do. That’s why we’re here” added Beasley.

An audience which values the craft of copywriting
As people get older, they prefer the written word to the imagery and emotion that appeal to younger people. Unfortunately, most advertising and marketing communications are created by younger people, with the young in mind.

“Older people are experienced and sophisticated consumers, who have been exposed to many marketing messages. They have high standards, a low boredom threshold and an intense dislike of bad advertising and communications. They want facts and information, logic and structure, and a high standard of English. They want to make up their own minds, based on the evidence”, said Beasley.

How we can help you benefit 
When you work with rhc advantage, you benefit from our expertise in marketing to mature (older) consumers. Our insight and knowledge of this complex group have helped many businesses and brands, large and small.  Our Mature Market Report is the definitive guide on the important subject of marketing and older consumers. Partner Mark Beasley is Chairman of the Mature Marketing Association and a regular conference speaker. Yes, we really do know our subject!

There are three ways we can work with you:

  1. We can help you define a communications strategy, if you do not have one. Good copywriting – and indeed, all marketing communications – depends on this!
  2. We can write copy from a detailed brief (we can supply a briefing form if required). We can also research any additional content, data or information that may be required.
  3. We can review and revise your existing copy.  You know what you want to say, but suspect that you could be saying it a little better!

Good copywriting can build a relationship with your customers, strengthen your brand image and stimulate action.  Whether it’s advertising, brochures, direct marketing or a website, we can probably help.  You’ll find  more information here.  If you’d like to discuss a project, please contact Mark Beasley to arrange a phone call or meeting.


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