More effective copywriting for older consumers

When it comes to older consumers, copy is king.  That’s why rhc advantage, experts in the mature (50-plus) consumer market,offer a specialist copywriting service for older consumers.

We understand  what is required to gain attention, capture  interest, build a relationship and stimulate action from this important audience and can help you with copywriting for advertising, brand identity, brochures , direct and digital marketing, videos and websites.  If you’d like to discuss a project, contact us to talk directly with an experienced copywriter.

An audience that values the craft of copywriting

As people get older, they tend to prefer the written word.  Younger people prefer imagery, emotion and creativity for its own sake. However, we oldies prefer facts and information, presented in a straightforward way that enables us to make a decision.  We’re not averse to creativity and humour: but not at the expense of the core message.

Unfortunately, most advertising and marketing communications are created by young people, with the young in mind. When it comes to older consumers, they’re writing for a group of people they don’t relate to or understand.

Older people are experienced and sophisticated consumers, who have been exposed to many marketing messages over the years. They have high standards and an intense dislike of bad advertising  and communications.

They want facts, information and logic, and they expect well-written and well-structured English. Above all, they want to make up their own minds, based on the evidence.

We never forget that we are writing for intelligent, discerning, experienced adults.  People like you and me, in fact.

How we can work with you

Our professional copywriting service will make your business, brand, product or service more relevant to your customers, easier to understand and more interesting to read about. As a result, you are more likely to build enduring customer relationships,  strengthen your brand image and stimulate action. There are four ways we can work with you:

1.  Communication planning. Good copy-writing needs a creative strategy. If you don’t have one, we have the expertise to help. It might begin and end there – for some clients, we have written guides for their own writers to use.

2.  Copywriting from your brief.  You tell us who you’re talking to and what you would like them to know, think and do. We do the rest – and can supply a briefing form and run a briefing session, to ensure the best possible brief.

3.  Copy check.  We can review, revise, edit and improve your current copy.

4. Copy improvement. Send us what you’ve written, however rough. We’ll take it from there.

Why you should choose the UK’s only specialist copywriting service for the over-50s

When you work with us, you benefit from our expertise in marketing to mature (50-plus) consumers, as well many years experience as professional copywriters, working on hundreds of businesses and projects.  Yes, you could write copy yourself – but you’re not trained as a copywriter and are too busy. Yes, your agency could do it – but their copywriters may lack the empathy and experience needed to write for people old enough to be their parents or grandparents. That’s where we come in.

Our insight and knowledge of this complex group is unrivalled. It has helped many businesses and brands, large and small.  We speak and write extensively on this subject, including the definitive guide to marketing to the over-50s, for WARC, the leading global marketing information company.

Good copywriting can build a relationship with your customers, strengthen your brand image and stimulate action. It is especially important for older consumers. If you’d like to discuss how we could help you, please contact Mark Beasley.

For more information on rhc advantage, the age-inclusive marketing agency, click here

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