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Nine lessons for living longer: the social science bit

A review of ‘The Blue Zone – 9 Lessons for Living Longer, from the People Who’ve Lived the Longest’  Businesses and brands are often criticised for failing to meet the needs of the UK’s ageing population, usually by me.  But it’s not all their fault – older people themselves also have to take some responsibility….

The future must be age-inclusive: why new business thinking is needed for a world that keeps getting older

Despite the best efforts of Covid-19, the UK population continues to age.  To maintain growth, businesses must engage more effectively with older people, as customers and as employees. Consider these facts: Business is losing £billions of potential expenditure by older consumers, mainly because of poor marketing2. And more than 1 million people over 50 who would…

Does marketing to older consumers make financial sense? What can we learn from the recent poor financial results of Dignity, Four Seasons, Just Group, McCarthy & Stone and Saga?

Five of the largest businesses overtly targeting older consumers have recently announced disastrous financial results. If these large – and till now, proven – businesses cannot make money, what hope is there for anyone else? This is dismal news – not just for shareholders, but for the bad business practices that have been revealed. The…

More effective copywriting for older consumers

When it comes to older consumers, copy is king.  That’s why rhc advantage, experts in the mature (50-plus) consumer market,offer a specialist copywriting service for older consumers. We understand  what is required to gain attention, capture  interest, build a relationship and stimulate action from this important audience and can help you with copywriting for advertising,…

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