More effective copywriting for older consumers

When it comes to older consumers, copy is king.  That’s why rhc advantage, experts in the mature (50-plus) consumer market,offer a specialist copywriting service for older consumers. We understand  what is required to gain attention, capture  interest, build a relationship and stimulate action from this important audience and can help you with copywriting for advertising,…

Thinking of advertising to the over-50s?

NABER, the outdoor media company, recently asked me to write a short piece on advertising to the over-50s. In case you missed it, here it is again… Thinking of advertising to the over 50s? If you’re thinking of advertising to the over-50s, you’re in good company. It’s no longer just financial services and healthcare brands…

Thank You, Marketing Donut!

Soon after we started rhc advantage, a marketing information website called Marketing DoNut contacted me for an interview about marketing to older consumers. The article that they ran has continued to generate a steady stream of traffic to our website.

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