Beasley on the radio

Mark Beasley of rhc advantage was on the radio yesterday, talking about marketing to seniors.

“When your name barely features on any list at all, even the Z-list, it’s flattering to be asked to do just about anything in the public domain.  Despite writing and presenting three stonking one-hour specials on the Beach Boys, David Bowie and Petula Clark  on The Wireless last year, my radio career seemed to have fizzled to a halt.

It had been some years since I had written rather cringe-inducing radio commercials for the likes of the National Bus Company and W.H. Smith, so I had hoped that this was my chance of redemption. But it wasn’t to be and David Hamilton and Graham Dene continue to rule that particular station. Never again would my dulcet tones (an unsatisfactory hybrid of Bob Harris and Tony Blackburn) be heard on the airwaves. Or so I thought.

Until now. So, for those who love the sound of my own voice as much as I do, here is a link to yesterday’s one-hour interview on the subject of Marketing to Seniors, on Marketing Radio.

It’s not too bad, although I do go on a bit. And I wish I hadn’t chosen the Twitter controversy which describes Hershey’s new logo as a ‘steaming turd’ as my story of the week. Some things never change, it seems. But that’s radio.”

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