rhc advantage is a specialist marketing consultancy that helps businesses and brands to connect more effectively with the UK’s ageing population.

Take advantage of our experience

rhc advantage was formed by Mark Beasley, a marketing consultant, and Richard Collyer, a creative director and designer. Our mission: to help businesses address the challenges and opportunities of an ageing population.

We have now worked with a wide range of brands, businesses and organisations on age-related marketing projects. These have ranged from start-ups and SMEs to many large, well-known brands and businesses.

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Age-inclusive marketing

As the population continues to age, an increasingly large number of older consumers wield exceptional economic power. Despite this, many feel that marketing either ignores or misunderstands them.

The solution to this is often seen in terms of new and better targeting of older consumers. However, consumer attitudes, behaviours and buying processes are more complex than that. We believe that a more sophisticated approach is needed and that the future should be age-inclusive, not age-defined.

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How we can help your business

We help businesses and brands to plan, create and execute more effective marketing strategies and communications for the UK’s ageing population. We aim to avoid age or generational assumptions and stereotypes, to remove barriers to inclusivity and to improve marketing effectiveness. Our services include consultancy, creative, research and training.

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